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Unusual but true: 'Arsenal exam' tests true love

( Updated: 2015-04-30 17:05

About 250,000 apply for citizenship of Liberland, new mom on murder charge, sheepdog 'driver' causes traffic chaos, thrown mango earns woman an apartment and soccer quiz is test of true love. Interesting, funny and downright odd anecdotes from around the world in our news review of the week.

Tests of true love

Unusual but true: 'Arsenal exam' tests true love

We hope this story will not cause unhappiness between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

An Arsenal obsessive learned a trick or two from a girl called Allie Davis who asked her boyfriend to do a Beyonce exam and threatened to leave him if he didn't pass.

The Beyonce exam's official name is "The official Allie Davis Relationship Test". Allie later tweeted that her boyfriend scored 80 which ensures they stay together.

The guy, an avid Gunners fan, then made his girlfriend take an Arsenal soccer club test to see whether she loves him for real.

Fortunately, his girlfriend Saskia got an even higher score, 87 percent, without Googling for answers.

If you are considering dumping your partner, try this . . . but it's risky!

Unusual but true: 'Arsenal exam' tests true love

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