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Argentina lawmaker hails accords with China

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-02-06 10:37

BUENOS AIRES - Argentine lawmaker Carlos Raimundi Thursday underscored the "strategic importance" of President Cristina Fernandez's trip to China and the accords resulted from it.

In a press release, Raimundi described the investment accords, in particular, as "very auspicious," saying they "should reaffirm (an economic) model of employment and industrialization," as opposed to one that favors the financial and service sector, which generates unemployment.

Fernandez concluded her four-day trip Thursday, saying via Twitter that it was "without a doubt, one of the most important state visits" of her presidency.

Argentina, and Latin America in general, decided to preserve "dignity" and "sovereignty" in trade negotiations, which made "the region relying on south-south cooperation integrated by emerging countries, such as China and Russia," said Raimundi.

"The United States and its dollar no longer represent absolute hegemony over the planet," he said, adding that "thanks to the accords with China, the panorama for the people of Argentina is very promising, as they affirm an independent path" toward development for the South American country.

China's style of establishing ties "is not one of subjugation, of destabilization, of funding coups against governments under a different system, but of accords that respect the sovereignty of each country," said Raimundi.

On Wednesday, Fernandez and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership of the two countries.

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