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HYSY 981 Drilling Rig: Vietnam's Provocation and China's Position

[2014-06-09 00:02]

China's Foreign Ministry released an article about the HYSY 981 drilling rig in the Xisha Islands on its website on Sunday.

Beijing urges Hanoi to 'stop all disruptions'

[2014-06-09 07:28]

Vietnam escalated its harassment of China over Beijing's legal oil drilling in the S China Sea, a long statement from the Foreign Ministry says.

Japan making mischief on South China Sea issue: Chinese FM

[2014-06-04 17:37]

It was Japan, not China, which changed the current situation in the East China Sea, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said in response to Japanese media reports.

Experts blast Hagel over 'destabilizing' accusations

[2014-06-01 08:14]

The finger pointing by defense secretary serves as an excuse for Washington to seek closer security relationships with Asian countries, say observers.

Sovereignty is indisputable

[2014-05-26 07:07]

Chinese governments since ancient times have never given up the exericise of its jurisdiction over South China Sea islands

FM: Talks to continue on South China Sea

[2014-05-27 14:37]

China will seek to resolve issues involving the South China Sea through peaceful negotiations with its neighboring countries, despite the tense situation in the waters, China’s deputy foreign minister said on Tuesday.

China urges Vietnam to stop interferences

[2014-05-22 19:44]

China on Thursday urged Vietnam to stop interfering into its legitimate operations and ensure the safety of its citizens and institutions.

China demands ASEAN neutrality over South China Sea

[2014-05-19 18:06]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) not to take sides in the South China Sea row stoked by Vietnamese provocations.

China urges Vietnam to stop disruptions

[2014-05-17 06:52]

China on Friday once again urged Vietnam to immediately stop disruptions of Chinese company's drilling operation in the South China sea.

Vietnam rams ships 100s of times

[2014-05-17 07:01]

Vietnam has made "brutal and unjustified disruptions" to China's normal, legitimate oil rig drilling and has unilaterally established dozens of drilling platforms in disputed waters, a senior Chinese diplomat said.

4,000 more Chinese nationals to be evacuated from Vietnam

[2014-05-19 07:13]

More than 3,000 Chinese nationals have been evacuated from Vietnam and an additional 4,000 are expected to return home Monday.

Chinese nationals evacuated from Vietnam arrive home

[2014-05-18 19:28]

Over 290 Chinese nationals affected in Vietnam's anti-China riots arrived in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu on Sunday afternoon.

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