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FM: Talks to continue on South China Sea

By An Baijie ( Updated: 2014-05-27 14:37

China will seek to resolve issues involving the South China Sea through peaceful negotiations with its neighboring countries, despite the tense situation in the waters, China's deputy foreign minister said on Tuesday.

FM: Talks to continue on South China Sea
Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

China will stick to the concept of peaceful co-existence and push forward negotiations with relevant countries, even though the negotiations may take a long time, Liu Zhenmin said.

"We want the South China Sea to be a sea of peace, cooperation and prosperity," he said.

Liu made his remarks on Tuesday while meeting the press during a symposium in Beijing to mark the 60th anniversary of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

The principles, proposed by China, were jointly initiated by three countries' prime ministers - Zhou Enlai of China, U Nu of Myanmar and Jawaharlal Nehru of India in 1954. The principles were accepted by the international community at the Bandung Conference in 1955 and remain in place today.

The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence are mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, non- interference in each other's internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence.

Even though China has become much stronger and richer than six decades ago, the Chinese government will keep the country's foreign policy consistent and the Five Principles are not outdated, Liu said.

During past decades, the Five Principles have served as the cornerstone of China's foreign policy. The principles have been written into the country's Constitution and incorporated into communiqués on the establishment of diplomatic relations and bilateral treaties that China has signed with more than 160 countries.

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