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Chinese ships arrive in Vietnam to evacuate workers

[2014-05-19 13:39]

Four chartered ships arrive at a central Vietnamese port to pick up Chinese nationals following deadly anti-China riots last week.

China far from being 'aggressive' in South China Sea

[2014-05-13 21:28]

Contrary to an aggressive image painted by Vietnam and the United States lately, China has been quite restrained about what happened in the Xisha Islands last week.

Beijing: ASEAN ties won't be hurt by sea issue

[2014-05-12 07:23]

China opposes any particular country's taking advantage of the South China Sea issue to sabotage friendship and cooperation between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a Foreign Ministry statement said on Saturday.

South China Sea issue not problem between China, ASEAN, says FM spokeswoman

[2014-05-11 09:39]

China is always opposed to one or two countries' attempts to use the South Sea issue to harm the overall friendship and cooperation between China and the ASEAN, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying says.

Stop fueling maritime provocation, Beijing tells Washington

[2014-05-14 00:53]

Beijing describes Washington's latest remarks on the South China Sea as "inspiring belligerency".

Manila's seizure of Chinese boat 'pure belligerence'

[2014-05-08 07:11]

Manila illegally seized 11 Chinese fishermen and a boat from waters off China's Half Moon Shoal in the Nansha Islands, a move likely to escalate tension in the South China Sea.

China slams Philippine move over Huangyan Islands

[2014-02-27 20:20]

China on Thursday slammed a Philippine move over the Huangyan Islands in the South China Sea, saying it was groundless and made no sense.

FM responds to Manila's S. China Sea accusations

[2013-07-03 08:05]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi expounded on Tuesday on the solemn position of the Chinese government during the ASEAN Regional Forum Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, in response to the claim the Philippines made at the meeting that Huangyan Island and the Ren'ai Reef are "occupied".

China cannot tolerate Philippines' occupation of reef

[2014-03-17 20:55]

China will not tolerate the Philippines' occupation of the Ren'ai Reef in the South China Sea and will closely watch the next move in the area, a spokesman said on Monday.

Beijing blasts Philippines' 'provocative moves' on reef

[2014-03-18 07:54]

Beijing said on Monday it was "startled" by Manila's recent statement that it would use a warship grounded in Chinese territory as "a permanent Philippine government installation".

China urges US to stop Ren'ai Reef remarks

[2014-04-01 19:13]

China on Tuesday urged the United States to stop its irresponsible remarks on the Ren'ai Reef and its encouragement of provocation by countries involved in disputes over the sovereignty of the reef.

Navy determined to protect China's interest

[2014-04-25 17:00]

The recently approved guidelines for unplanned encounters at sea, as a set of multilateral technical procedures, should not be deliberately used to prevent China from safeguarding its maritime rights.

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