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US urged to restrain Japan

[2014-04-11 08:01]

Beijing warned Washington on April 8 to "stay vigilant" about Japan and not to be "permissive or supportive" of Tokyo's provocations as Chinese and US defense chiefs vowed wider cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Li lays out policy on South China Sea

[2014-04-10 12:45]

Premier said China will give full support to initiatives that strengthen maritime cooperation while also responding firmly to provocations that undermine peace and stability in the South China Sea.

China's defense minister: neighbors 'stirring trouble'

[2014-04-08 18:35]

Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said on Tuesday, when answering a question about the regional security situation, that there are some people "stirring up trouble" around China.

Manila's scheme abuses law

[2014-04-03 21:48]

The Philippines' groundless filing for international arbitration concerning the South China Sea disputes will prove futile.

China urges US to stop Ren'ai Reef remarks

[2014-04-01 19:13]

China on Tuesday urged the United States to stop its irresponsible remarks on the Ren'ai Reef and its encouragement of provocation by countries involved in disputes over the sovereignty of the reef.

China refusing arbitration on S. China Sea

[2014-04-01 10:39]

China will neither accept nor participate in international arbitration unilaterally pushed forward by the Philippines on the South China Sea disputes, said a commentary published on Tuesday's People's Daily.

Beijing blasts Philippines' 'provocative moves' on reef

[2014-03-18 07:54]

Beijing said on Monday it was "startled" by Manila's recent statement that it would use a warship grounded in Chinese territory as "a permanent Philippine government installation".

China blasts US comments on South China Sea reef

[2014-03-14 00:53]

China on Thursday accused the United States of making misleading comments on a disputed South China Sea reef.

China says no deal on sovereignty and territory

[2014-02-28 22:18]

China said on Friday that it will never trade off its sovereignty and territory.

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