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China urges communication over maritime disagreements

[2014-06-18 16:53]

China and Vietnam should solve their disagreements over maritime issues properly through political and diplomatic efforts, a senior Chinese official said on Wednesday.

UN General Assembly president denies Vietnamese report

[2014-06-13 11:22]

A spokesperson for John Ashe, the president of the 68th session of the UN General Assembly, on Thursday denied a Vietnamese news report which said that the president backed Vietnam's stance on solving the alleged dispute with China over the South China Sea.

China sends note to UN chief

[2014-06-10 07:05]

Chinese enovy presents documents to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, showing Vietnam's provocation and China's stance regarding the Xisha Islands.

Beijing urges Hanoi to 'stop all disruptions'

[2014-06-09 07:28]

Vietnam escalated its harassment of China over Beijing's legal oil drilling in the S China Sea, a long statement from the Foreign Ministry says.

Beijing demands Hanoi pull ships from Xisha

[2014-06-04 06:51]

Beijing demanded on Tuesday that Hanoi "withdraw its vessels and personnel immediately" from the waters off a Chinese oil drilling site in the South China Sea.

Sovereignty is indisputable

[2014-05-26 07:07]

Chinese governments since ancient times have never given up the exericise of its jurisdiction over South China Sea islands

FM: Talks to continue on South China Sea

[2014-05-27 14:37]

China will seek to resolve issues involving the South China Sea through peaceful negotiations with its neighboring countries, despite the tense situation in the waters, China’s deputy foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Vietnamese boat capsized in S China sea

[2014-05-27 14:02]

The fishing boat sank after harassing and colliding with a Chinese fishing boat in the South China Sea at around 5 pm Monday.

Whose sovereignty over Xisha Islands?

[2014-05-19 08:30]

Tensions between China and Vietnam over sovereignty issues in the South China Sea flared up again on May 2, 2014 when China positioned an oil rig in waters off the disputed Xisha Islands. Vietnam protested this action and sent vessels to disrupt the rig's operations. China responded by sending more ships to protect the rig. Inevitably with the numbers of opposing vessels in the area, a violent clash occurred on May 7 injuring some Vietnamese personnel and damaging some vessels.

Over 3,000 Chinese evacuated from Vietnam after riot

[2014-05-18 06:50]

The Chinese embassy in Hanoi helps evacuate over 3,000 Chinese citizens from Vietnam following the recent deadly violence.

Chinese, Vietnamese police chiefs discuss Vietnam violence

[2014-05-17 17:43]

Chinese police chief Guo Shengkun urges his Vietnamese counterpart to contain the current violence in the country and protect Chinese nationals and companies.

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