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China, Vietnam hold talks on recent anti-China violence

[2014-05-17 10:56]

A Chinese working group led by Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Jianchao held talks with its Vietnamese counterpart here on Friday on the recent violence against Chinese nationals and companies.

Vietnam rams ships 100s of times

[2014-05-17 07:01]

Vietnam has made "brutal and unjustified disruptions" to China's normal, legitimate oil rig drilling and has unilaterally established dozens of drilling platforms in disputed waters, a senior Chinese diplomat said.

China urges Vietnam to stop disruptions

[2014-05-17 06:52]

China on Friday once again urged Vietnam to immediately stop disruptions of Chinese company's drilling operation in the South China sea.

Hanoi blamed for anti-China riots

[2014-05-17 03:31]

Vietnam has sent mixed signals to stoke domestic fervor by advocating anti-China protests and has made no concessions toward drilling operations by a Chinese oil rig in the South China Sea.

4,000 more Chinese nationals to be evacuated from Vietnam

[2014-05-19 07:13]

More than 3,000 Chinese nationals have been evacuated from Vietnam and an additional 4,000 are expected to return home Monday.

Chinese nationals evacuated from Vietnam arrive home

[2014-05-18 19:28]

Over 290 Chinese nationals affected in Vietnam's anti-China riots arrived in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu on Sunday afternoon.

Chinese ships arrive in Vietnam to evacuate workers

[2014-05-19 13:39]

Four chartered ships arrive at a central Vietnamese port to pick up Chinese nationals following deadly anti-China riots last week.

Who's 'abducting' ASEAN on S. China Sea issues

[2014-05-16 14:22]

The unstable situation which began recently in the South China Sea thus seems to reveal a tacit agreement between the Philippines and Vietnam.

Vietnam set on a dangerous course

[2014-05-15 15:55]

It is true that there is a territorial dispute between China and Vietnam over some islands and reefs of the Nansha Islands, but there is not any dispute between the two countries over the Xisha Islands in which the Zhongjian Island is included.

Manila violates UN Convention

[2014-05-14 08:18]

It should thus be clear to the international community that Manila, not Beijing, has violated the DOC and the UNCLOS, as well as further damaged the fragile Sino-Philippine relations.

US-China 'Dialogue' will include S. China Sea

[2014-05-14 11:30]

Senior officials from China and the US will have to sort out a wide range of economic and security issues in early June, including the recent tensions in the South China Sea.

Stop fueling maritime provocation, Beijing tells Washington

[2014-05-14 00:53]

Beijing describes Washington's latest remarks on the South China Sea as "inspiring belligerency".

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