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Chinese, Vietnamese police chiefs discuss Vietnam violence

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-05-17 17:43

Chinese, Vietnamese police chiefs discuss Vietnam violence
Hanoi blamed for anti-China riots

Chinese, Vietnamese police chiefs discuss Vietnam violence
Vietnam's anti-China riots 'hurt its image'
BEIJING - Chinese police chief Guo Shengkun spoke by phone on Saturday to his Vietnamese counterpart, urging Vietnam to contain the current violence in the country and protect Chinese nationals and companies.

Guo noted that violence targeting foreign investors including vandalism, looting and arson broke out recently in Vietnam, causing casualties among Chinese nationals and damage to Chinese companies.

He told Tran Dai Quang, Vietnam's minister of public security, that the Vietnamese side bears unshirkable responsibility for the situation.

"China's Ministry of Public Security is very much shocked and indignant at the violence, " said Guo, adding the ministry lodges strong dissatisfaction with Vietnam's failure to adopt timely measures to contain the violence effectively.

Guo urged the Vietnamese side to take effective measures to quell the violence, protect Chinese citizens and companies, punish criminals, search for the missing and shelter Chinese victims.

Tran said the country's government and police authorities have taken effective measures and dispatched massive police forces to the areas affected. They have apprehended a number of criminals and initiated investigations and litigation work.

He promised to ensure the safety of Chinese companies and nationals in Vietnam.

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