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The great thaw

[2017-07-08 07:32]

An elderly woman clutches onto two sticks as she walks up the narrow path of a mountain attached to the Meili range in Deqen county in Yunnan province on a recent weekday.

A big-city heart beats again

[2017-07-01 08:36]

Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing its largest construction boom in modern times, and foreign investment, especially from Chinese developers, is adding thousands of residences and construction jobs, as well as restaurants, retail stores and entertainment venues, reports Lia Zhu from Los Angeles.

Life in the halfway house of the tent emperors

[2017-06-24 07:08]

When it comes to size, Shenyang Palace Museum is a mere fragment of its counterpart known as the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The warrior emperor and the five phoenixes

[2017-06-24 09:21]

This is Huang Taiji, founder of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and today there is no other place where his colorful life is more powerfully evoked than in the Shenyang palace.

China dances to a new, electronic beat

[2017-06-17 09:36]

Though pop has a dominant position in market, it seems that China's music scene is changing and becoming more diverse thanks to electronic dance music.

A ruler who brought a splash of color to the proceedings

[2017-06-17 09:24]

Emperor Yong Zheng valued austerity and simplicity in his surroundings, but his son Qianlong had a much more lively take on life.

It's summer again at the palace

[2017-06-17 09:01]

An architectural jewel laid to waste more than 150 years ago is sparkling again thanks to modern technology and the dedication of researchers and others

Selling fresh meat to flog luxury watches

[2017-06-10 07:24]

When Bulgari, the 133-year-old Italian jewelry brand, chose the Chinese singer and actor Kris Wu as its spokesman last year, questions were raised about how exactly this chemistry would work.

Not your regular grandfather

[2017-06-10 07:24]

Retirement for most senior citizens in China involves playing mahjong, taking care of their grandchildren and just shooting the breeze with peers at the neighborhood park.

The power of glitter & stardust

[2017-06-10 09:46]

Luxury goods purveyors turn to young celebrities to give their advertising pulling power.

The rise of 'fresh talent' in China's modeling industry

[2017-06-10 07:24]

Having young models front luxury brand campaigns seems to have become the passe thing to do these days, with a growing number of older personalities, some of whom can even be considered geriatric, claiming the spotlight.

Bringing back Whitney Houston

[2017-06-03 10:02]

The award-winning musical Bodyguard, which is based on 1992's hit movie with the same title and starring US actor Kevin Costner and the late American singer-actress Whitney Houston, will kick off its China debut tour in Shanghai on June 30 and visit a total of 12 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Wuhan and Nanjing through November.

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