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Helping children to read better

[2017-09-30 10:25]

Children made up a large proportion of the more than 400,000 visitors at the Shanghai Book Fair which took place at Shanghai Exhibition Center from Aug 16 to 22.

Other realities and other universes materialize at literary week

[2017-09-30 07:46]

Science fiction was featured at this year's International Literary Week, a key part of the annual Shanghai Book Fair.

Hold the final chapter

[2017-09-30 09:55]

A new kind of shopping in which you can enjoy stylish architecture and snazzy interior design as you buy stuff, or down cups of coffee as you read, is staving off the demise of bookshops.

Lack of diversity seen as road to narcissism

[2017-09-30 07:46]

Tamara Macfarlane, a teacher, founded Tales on Moon Lane Children's Bookshop in Half Moon Lane, London, in 2003.

The charmed life of Lucky Luke

[2017-09-23 07:32]

'I've done just two big things in my life," Liu Ke says. "I played rock for five or six years and I have run vintage clothes shops for the past 10 years."

On a wave of nostalgia

[2017-09-23 07:32]

They are the people for whom the word old means quaint rather than decrepit, and for whom dated stuff is not just desirable, but cool as well.

The deference and diligence of a royal heir

[2017-09-16 07:34]

In Emperor Qianlong's 60 years on the throne he looked to his mother, his late father and his grandfather as guiding lights.

King of the road and man of letters

[2017-09-16 07:34]

Emperor's penchant for travel was tightly bound to his reputation for being highly educated.

Emperor Qianlong's southern belle

[2017-09-16 07:34]

Qianlong has been billed as a lady killer, but when he headed to his favorite retreat he had very serious regal duties on his mind.

Where pure rivers flow and the sacrificial ducks are plastic

[2017-09-09 07:54]

It's unlikely to be on many people's list of "Ten places I must seen in China before I die."

Returning home with father

[2017-09-09 07:54]

When the US-born Taiwan-based director and playwright Stan Lai Sheng-chuan brought his comedy Menage a 13 to Huichang county, Jiangxi province, two years ago there was one thing that took him aback: not one person in the audience laughed.

Send in the clown

[2017-09-02 08:20]

Russian Slava Polunin remembers his friends laughing when he imitated Charlie Chaplin's walk after watching The Kid as a kid - and realizes it may have been the start of his career.

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