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Maestro weaved his magic to convey spirit of novel

[2017-08-05 07:44]

Wang Liping talks as if it had just happened yesterday.

Cashless trend takes hold in China

[2017-08-12 10:18]

WeChat and Alipay, two major online payment platforms in China, call for consumers to go cashless and cardless in their daily life through promotions in August.

Traditional Han weddings back in style

[2017-08-12 09:04]

One of the most common dilemmas soon-to-be married couples in China face these days is whether to hold a Western or Chinese wedding ceremony.

The day a blockbuster was born

[2017-08-05 07:44]

When Wang Fulin visited London it was not Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, black taxis or red doubledecker buses that left the deepest impression on him.

Summer treats

[2017-07-29 07:15]

Aerial photos which capture china's natural beauty


Chinese TV shows being lapped up by Vietnamese youngsters

[2017-07-29 07:14]

Experts say cultural factors play key role in growing popularity of entertainment programs.


An enemy is turned back - with plants as weapons

[2017-07-29 07:13]

For several decades people who live along the Hexi Corridor in northern China have fought to halt the desert as it spreads, and they have notched up significant victories.

Warriors of the sand dunes

[2017-07-29 07:13]

It was the longest day of the year, and the sun would finally disappear below the horizon only after 9.30 pm.

Bloody marys and Andy Warhol provide an exotic rustic mix

[2017-07-22 09:35]

As dusk falls on Bishan village in Anhui province a bar is crammed with villagers downing bloody marys and margaritas after a hard day's toil on the farm.

Rural folks, rural strokes

[2017-07-22 09:01]

They fled to the cities looking for opportunities, but now they have returned to their country roots, conquered by the power of art and culture

Prospering with a helping hand from the outside

[2017-07-15 07:10]

It sometimes takes a fresh set of eyes to spot the obvious, when those who are overly familiar with a place cannot see the wood for the trees.

A ticket to the good life

[2017-07-15 07:10]

Like migratory birds whose return heralds an impending summer, jet aircraft descend on a remote city in Tibet, harbingers of prosperity whose fruits inhabitants are beginning to enjoy.

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