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Gulf between price rises turns choice into a no-brainer

[2017-03-11 09:15]

New homes in downtown Shanghai indicates that the aspirations of younger people to own a home in the city center are becoming ever more elusive, industry experts say.

Learning to teach and learn outside the box

[2017-03-11 08:59]

An experiment in Chinese education strives to break free from a public school model heavily geared toward passing exams.

Kings and queens of rented castles

[2017-03-11 08:46]

Owning a home has always been a priority for many Chinese, but with home prices rocketing in recent years, many people are turning to the rental market to get a roof over their heads.

Fado princess takes her art worldwide following stint as a busker

[2017-03-04 07:19]

Blind since the age of 4, Dona Rosa literally rose from the gutter in Lisbon to become a leading performer of her country's distinctive folk singing style

Products of the internet factory

[2017-03-04 07:18]

Resistance is futile; How can you possibly not fall instantly in love with these five impish boys and, smitten, reach for the "like" button?

The race of their lives

[2017-02-25 07:10]

For another group of people the number 42.195 assumes an importance that in many cases will become an obsession and perhaps even a life-long passion.

Beyond the laurels, the threat of injury or death

[2017-02-25 07:10]

Within minutes of arriving in Athens and delivering a message of victory in battle the exhausted Pheidippides died.

The multishopping experience

[2017-02-18 07:47]

It's no use trying to pigeonhole Algorithm as a multibrand fashion boutique or a restaurant or a furniture store; It's all of the above.

A coup for the fashionistas

[2017-02-18 07:47]

For China's young fashionistas the appeal of shopping malls seems to have lost its gloss, clogged up as they are with shops selling luxury brands that seem to be barely distinguishable from one another.

Tales of China that dazzled a king

[2017-02-11 07:15]

It took Choe Bu, a Korean living in the late 15th century, 135 days to make the trek from a tiny town on China's eastern coast to Beijing, capital of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and then back to his motherland.

Accouterments of beauty that tell a dynasty's tale

[2017-02-11 07:15]

When Shi Chao of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum was busy preparing last year for an exhibition on gold and silver jewelry and wares unearthed in the province, he found a line of words inscribed on a gold hairpin. The words read: zi jin zao, or made from self-provided gold.

Memories of respect etched by culture

[2017-02-11 07:15]

Nam Yohong, the right-hand man to Korea's king Yi Jong, who lived in the first half of the 17th century, had his portrait painted twice by Chinese painters.

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