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Beauty of the ages

[2017-05-13 07:26]

A few days ago a cartoon was disseminated among users of the Chinese instant messaging app WeChat that told a spy story set in China in the early 20th century, and within 24 hours it had attracted more than 5 million views.

Poetry and the art of general mechanics

[2017-05-06 07:14]

It all comes down to how books deal with the tight, dark confines of a school bag: Can an anthology of poetry live amicably with a manual on general mechanics?

Pure poetry that has China achatter

[2017-05-06 07:14]

Soon after the program Rendezvous With Chinese Poetry returned to television screens two months ago, it was pulling in the kinds of audiences that you would normally only associate with a top-notch reality TV show.

Seeing the world together

[2017-04-29 09:38]

The photos on this page are all selected from a photographic competition named Maple Leaf Cup 2016 "Foreign Teachers in China".

Caught in the housing trap

[2017-04-29 09:15]

As regulators grapple to keep a lid on soaring housing prices in big cities, some people sign up for the debt treadmill and others decide to just get on with life.

A doctor in Africa whose medicine is humanity

[2017-04-29 08:52]

Zhong Risheng was determined to go to Africa regardless of his family's protests. The continent's pull was difficult to ignore as was the doctor's passion to help people.

Li brocade weaves its way to global fame

[2017-04-29 08:46]

Embroidery often called rare living fossil.

As sea ails, it's sewing machines to the rescue

[2017-04-22 07:09]

A fact-finding journey across Sri Lanka these days might well be expected to take in the country's modernization and its port city construction, partly undertaken by Chinese engineers and workers.

When millions of feet return, the farmers rejoice

[2017-04-22 07:09]

Giri Kadurugamuwa climbs onto a mountain slope by the roadside and breaks off a big chunk from the exposed root of a tea tree. Without little apparent effort on his part the chunk falls off like a piece of dried biscuit.

Death at the bottom of the bay

[2017-04-22 07:09]

Channa Suraweera was shocked when the picture of a dead dugong jumped into his eyes for the first time.

For time-honored brands, survival hangs by a thread

[2017-04-15 07:38]

There are few better ways of unraveling some of the mysteries behind Chinese culture than by looking into the history of the country's time-honored brands.

Guards of honor

[2017-04-15 07:38]

At least once a year Meng Wei visits several shops in Beijing that specialize in traditional goods, looking to buy something for his family in Xi'an.

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