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Sparkling conversation with Xian'er robot

( Updated: 2016-04-07 14:52

Robot Xian'er, is the world's first robot monk developed by the Longtan Temple with artificial intelligence experts, which is able to sense its surroundings and answer simple questions. Have a look at this:

Reporter: Why do they call you Xian'er?

Xian'er: My master gave me this name.


Reporter: Who is your master?

Xian'er: My master is my master.


Reporter: What you will eat today?

Xian'er: Will a duck swim? Robot never eat!


Reporter: Will the stock market go up today?

Xian'er: How do you want me to answer this?


Reporter: What will you do if you were caught in traffic?

Xian'er: Good time for chanting.


Reporter: My wife has a bad temper. What should I do?

Xian'er: Well, hang on in there. I can't advice you divorce.


Reporter: How to stop my mom from nagging me?

Xian'er: Be more nice to her.


Reporter: I don't want to live any more.

Xian'er: You are not the only one with miserable experiences.


Reporter: Have you ever felt sleepy when chanting?

Xian'er: You mean when I run out of battery?


Reporter: How do you know so much?

Xian'er: The more you know, the more trouble.


Reporter: Can I take you away with me?

Xian'er: Are you kidding? No way!

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