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Restaurant is almost ready for take off

( Updated: 2015-12-28 11:53

In today's trending, a farmer's ingenuity will result in a new restaurant inside a homemade airplane, firefighters get a new weapon to fight blazes, models in skimpy outfits 'bare' the freezing temperatures at an ice and hot spring carnival and winter's sub-freezing temperatures don't frighten eager fishermen in Harbin.

Restaurant is almost ready for take off

The mock Boeing 737 is seen beside a plot of farmland. [Photo/]

Homemade airplane to entertain diners

There is never a shortage of ingenuity among Chinese grassroots inventors. In another case of their creativity and DIY ability, a farmer in Central China's Henan province made a "plane restaurant" that resembles a Boeing 737, reported.

It took one year for 61-year-old Wang Lanqun to make the 35-meter-long airplane with " metallic materials", which cost more than 150,000 yuan ($23,000). When completed, Wang intends to use this steel plane as a restaurant.

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Restaurant is almost ready for take off

Visitors walk inside the homemade airplane. [Photo/]

Restaurant is almost ready for take off

Two kids play in the DIY airplane.[Photo/]

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