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Saving all his coins for love

( Updated: 2015-08-07 13:10

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Saving all his coins for love

A photo shows bundles of coins wrapped up in paper.[Photo/IC]

Man spends decades saving coins to buy sweetheart diamond ring

A romantic story from Fuyang, Anhui province, tells of a man who bought a diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend with approximately 150 kilograms of coins he'd saved for years, Yingzhou Evening News reported on Thursday.

Liang Liang, 30, showed up at a jewelry store in the city last Saturday morning with the huge sacks of coins worth a total of 12,000 yuan ($1,933). They were carried on a tricycle.

He spent twenty years collecting the coins, just to fulfill a childhood promise to save money to marry his "sweetheart" when he grew up.

Although the two were studying and working in different cities over the years, Liang never forgot his promise.

His chance came when the woman moved back to the city. Liang bought a ring with the coins and proposed to his girlfriend.

The woman, moved to tears as Liang kept his promise for so many years, of course said yes to him.

Staff at the jewelry store, who were touched by Liang, said they would preserve the money in their museum to honor the young couple's romance.

Saving all his coins for love

Jewelry story employees count the coins the man saved for 20 years. [Photo/IC]

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