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Police unchain stubborn patient from hospital bed

( Updated: 2015-02-11 11:30

A patient who has been in hospital over three years is forcibly unchained and removed, China's heaviest woman aims to fit in wedding dress, 110-year-old celebrates birthday with six generations. 

Police unchain stubborn patient from hospital bed

Court police carry Chen away from Beijing Jingmei Group General Hospital, on Feb 10. [Photo/CFP]

Police break chains to remove hospital holdout

Police had to unchain a stubborn patient from the hospital bed he had occupied for three and a half years on Tuesday, Beijing Times reported.

The Beijing man, who insisted he needed further treatment, was carried out forcefully by court police.

The man surnamed Chen entered Beijing Jingmei Group General Hospital in Aug 2011 for injuries from a traffic accident. After three months of treatment, the hospital decided he had recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital. But Chen said his legs were so painful that he couldn't straighten them, and the hospital should take responsibility for him.

Since then he has locked himself to the bed using chains, refusing to leave. "I have never taken a shower or left the hospital in the past three years. I even missed my son's wedding," Chen said while crying.

The hospital sued Chen at a local court. Police used forces to break the chains he used to tie himself to the bed, so as to force him to leave.

Chen said he is willing to undergo legal procedures and health tests, to determine whether he needs further treatment. 

Police unchain stubborn patient from hospital bed

Chen locked himself to the bed, on Feb 10. [Photo/CFP]

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