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Trending: Love Tunnel sees lots of love and trash

( Updated: 2014-11-03 11:44

Trending: Love Tunnel sees lots of love and trash

Ticket booking app causes headache to traveler

A cell-phone app that lets users book air tickets online issued a ticket to a Sino Weibo user under his Weibo account name, headache and dizzy.

When the man surnamed Wang went to the airport to board the plane, he was stopped at the security gate as the name on his ticket was different from his identification card, although his cell phone number and identification card number did match.

The man, a Wuhan local, was due to depart from Sanya Phoenix International Airport at Sanya city to Central China’s Wuhan city at 11:30pm Saturday. The flight ticket booking company issued a new ticket on Sunday night in compensation, and wrote a public apology letter.

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