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Trending: Two-way mirror reveals pervert landlord

( Updated: 2014-11-01 14:14

A landlord was found to have peeked on his woman tenants using a two-way mirror, college students in Zhejiang rehearse square dance for Guinness World Record, citizen in Chongqing gives new meaning to "headstrong", it's all trending across China. 

Trending: Two-way mirror reveals pervert landlord


A new meaning of "headstrong"

A resident in Chongqing has given a new meaning to the word "headstrong". Zhou Wanpu, 73, can carry a load up to 40 kilograms on his head, according to a report by Chongqing Evening News. Zhou has practiced this skill for several decades by head standing and banging his head against the wall.

Zhou, a kung fu fan, decided to started exercising this way 32 years ago after reading news about a robbery where the victim's limbs were tied by the robber and couldn't fight back.

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