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II. Red leaves in revolutionary sites

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Route: Malan village (former site of command center of the Chinese army)--Zhaitang reservoir--Shuanglongxia scenic spot

Reason: Red autumn leaves in former revolutionary sites are a treat.

Major scenic spots: Zhaitang reservoir and Shuanglongxia scenic spot

Zhaitang reservoir

Zhaitang reservoir sits in the west of Mentougou’s Zhaitang town and is a medium-sized reservoir. Zhaitang began construction in 1970 and was completed in September 1974. It features a capacity of 54.2 million cubic meters. The main dam is 58 meters high, 380 meters long and five meters wide.

The reservoir has a wide surface and offers boating, swimming and fishing. It is called an emerald hidden in the mountains.

Zhaitang reservoir is the biggest of its kind in Mentougou and the most beautiful, thanks to the indigo hills, birdsong and flowers. It’s less than 30 kilometers scenic spots including Lingshan and Baihua mountains, as well as Longmenjian. National road No 109 passes the northern bank of the reservoir, making transportat

ion convenient. White swans, ducks and other birds can be seen in the reservoir.


Take bus 336 or 326 to Hetang and the minibus to Qingshui. Take bus 919 at the entrance of subway station Pingguoyuan to Zhaitang and take a taxi to Cuandixia village. The terminal bus leaves from Zhaitang at 3 pm. Self-drive: Drive along the national road No 109 to Zhaitang reservoir and continue for five kilometers.

Shuanglong Gorge

Shuanglong Gorge covers a total area of 790 hectares, 65 km away from the government of Mentougou District and 90 km from downtown Beijing. The mountain is a popular area for folk tours during festivals or holidays. With hospitals, restaurants, and hotels, the gorge is a good place to travel throughout the year.

The spot has a thousand mu of apricot trees as well as waterfalls, pools, and the resort. Tourists can pick apricots and walnuts in Huo Village and apples and red grapes nearby. Autumn is the best time to see the leaves and there are glaciers and icefalls in winter. The park has two 25-meter waterfalls and several below ten meters. Home to more than 700 kinds of animals, it is not only a natural “Oxygen Bar" for people from the city, but also a natural "Big Classroom" for science lessons.

There are many ancient towers and temples in the park. According to legend, this is the place where Li Wanfang fought against the leopard.

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