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Apple may settle its Asia-Pacific data center in Guizhou

By Ou Xinfa and Li Yang ( Updated: 2015-06-12 17:36

Apple Inc, the United States technology company headquartered in California, may put its Asia-Pacific data center in Guizhou province, according to Lisa Jackson, its vice-president for environmental initiatives, who says they are working on cooperating with Guizhou and Foxconn,the world's largest electronics contractor manufacturer, on getting their Asia-Pacific data center in Guizhou.

Jackson said that Guizhou's development and environment protection efforts have been good, and that Guizhou and Apple are like-minded in paying attention to data security and data value extraction, then adds, "I've experienced the people's hospitality and was impressed by the breathtaking landscape."

Its outsourcing services, call center, e-commerce, data development and applications are important elements if the province hopes to achieve its economic and ecological protection goals. But its achievements in big data development, transportation, infrastructure and education, have already gained it popularity worldwide and it is abundant in natural resources, magnificent landscape, and folk culture.

In commenting on the possible Apple move, Guizhou's governor, Chen Min'er, said, "Guizhou is giving a lot of attention to cooperating with Apple," then concluded, "Getting Apple's Asia-Pacific data center in Guizhou benefits both sides."

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