Foundation banking on the spirit of Titanic

[2015-04-09 08:22]

The legendary ocean liner Titanic sunk more than a century ago in the North Atlantic - but the story and the spirit of its demise still capture the imagination of people all over the world, regardless of nationality, race or language.

Report highlights growing problems of obesity

[2015-04-09 08:21]

Nearly 342 million people in China are classified as overweight or obese, an increase of more than 200 percent compared with the figures 30 years ago, according to the US Chamber of Commerce.

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[2015-04-09 08:21]

Busy weekend for property agents

[2015-04-08 08:09]

Property agents in Shanghai have reported their "busiest weekend" in a quarter, over the three-day Qingming Festival.

Rhode Island ice cream firm aims for scoop of China market

[2015-04-08 08:09]

Next week, a large shipment of a sweet and creamy product that left Boston Harbor on March 1 is scheduled to arrive in China. It is ice cream made by an 85-year-old company in the state of Rhode Island, which hopes the country will be its latest market.

Shanghai seen emerging as Delta hub

[2015-04-08 08:09]

Delta Air Lines Inc Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson said he envisions creating an international hub in Shanghai to build on a growing relationship with China Eastern Airlines Corp.

Feng shui finds more fans in US real estate

[2015-04-08 08:09]

Feng shui, meaning wind and water in Chinese, is a belief system that goes back thousands of years. The search for balance in these forces is influencing the United States real estate market, as buyers of everything from condominiums to cemeteries want the input of the ancient art that channels positive energy.

India central bank keeps interest rates on hold

[2015-04-08 08:09]

India's central bank left interest rates unchanged as commercial lenders in Asia's third-largest economy have yet to pass on two previous cuts to customers.

RBA fails to shift stance, but says policy easing could be on agenda in the future

[2015-04-08 08:09]

Australia's central bank said it could ease policy further at future meetings after keeping interest rates unchanged at a record low as the economy grapples with tumbling commodity prices. The local currency rose.

Modi's water deficit spurs European firms to seek opportunities for growth

[2015-04-08 08:09]

Europe's top water management companies are seeking to expand in India as farmers, industry and urban residents compete for increasingly scant supplies.

Utility sales may halve as US homes make own power

[2015-04-08 08:10]

Utilities in the US Northeast stand to lose as much as half of residential sales by 2030 as customers install solar and battery-storage systems and generate their own power, according to a report by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Internet boosts packaging sector

[2015-04-07 08:34]

At a temperature-controlled Kemira laboratory in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, one can find lab workers and technicians huddled over consoles and machines taking notes and entering measurements in carefully calibrated charts.

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