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Want a young female to teach you? Apply here

By Chen Ziyan ( Updated: 2016-09-12 10:57

A university in East China's Jiangxi province recently launched a service that will help freshmen choose their favorite teachers based on their requests, China news services reported on Saturday.

Beginning from this year, students of Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering department in Jiangxi University of Science and Technology can avail this service before starting their four-year college life as long as they applied for the personalized service during the enrollment process.

The options of the service include the age and gender of the teachers, as well as the different teaching styles.

"The service caught my eyes immediately as it meets the taste of youth quite well, " said Ding Yanjun, a freshman."I chose a young female teacher as my head teacher as she might be more considerate compared to the male teachers," she added.

"I never thought I could have a custom-made teacher and I am very excited," said Xie Yu, another freshman. "It shows that the university cares for us, and we must study hard," he said.

According to the report, the institute received 180 requests for preferred teachers on the first day of enrollment. The results show that 70 percent of the freshmen would like a teacher who is funny and has a positive attitude, while 65 percent prefer teachers aged from 25 to 40.

To meet the various demands of the students, the institute has assigned a batch of young teacher who have advanced academic degrees. And Ding Yanjun finally got a post-90s younger teacher as her tutor.

"Custom-made teachers could help the school know more about the students' requirements for their teachers," said Xu Zhifeng, head of the Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering department.

Through this way, the teachers could work better with the students, he added.


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