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Gaokao reforms

( Updated: 2016-06-06 18:06

<EM>Gaokao</EM> reforms

A candidate from Jiangxu province is busy preparing for gaokao, May 23, 2016.[Photo/IC]

1. Compulsory subjects: the new "3 plus 3" mode

In most publicized gaokao reform plans, liberal arts or science subjects will no longer be taken separately. Instead, a new mode called "3 plus 3" will be adopted.

Under the new mode, candidates can choose any three subjects from politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology, while Chinese, maths and one foreign language are three required ones.

2. One more chance for foreign languages

Candidates in most provincial regions can take exams in foreign languages twice in an academic year. The higher mark of the two will be counted in the final gaokao scoring.

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