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Highlights of work reports from SPC and SPP

( Updated: 2016-03-15 07:58

Highlights of work reports from SPC and SPP

Villagers in Wuhu, East China’s Anhui province, cast ballots to vote for a new village leadership. [Photo/IC]

10. Clearing the backlog of unexecuted punishments

SPP: To make sure punishments against violators are enforced. Campaigns will be carried out to tackle with the unexecuted punishments.


Some criminals have received punishments from the courts but the punishments were not executed due to some reasons. Such cases impair the judicial credibility. This year, the SPP has carried out special activities to solve the issue.

11. Punish bribery in elections

SPP: Preventing and punishing bribery in leadership elections at all levels.


Bribery in elections is serious corruption in bureaucracy. Some officials seek to get positions by offering money for ballots in elections, which violate the Party's disciplines and laws and foul the political ecology. Most of provinces, cities, counties and towns will hold elections within next two years. The SPP has targeted banning possible bribery cases in the elections.

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