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New report releases China's court data

By Cao Yin (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2016-03-13 08:36:01


Courts across China sentenced more than 1,400 people for jeopardizing national security and committing violent terrorist attacks last year, according to a work report of the country's top court released on Sunday.

In 2015, Chinese courts concluded 1,084 cases involving undermining national security and violent terrorist attacks and sentenced 1,419 offenders in such cases, said the report from the Supreme People's Court.

There is no data for comparison as the top court did not release the number for such crimes in last year's work report.

The report said last year, courts in China actively fought terrorism-related crimes, separatism and those using cults to breach laws. People who led organized terror attacks or spread terrorism-related audios and videos were targeted.

"The fight against terrorism-related crimes is a key move to ensure state security and keep social stability," the report said.

The protection of human rights was also highlighted in the report.

In 2015, 1,039 defendants were ruled innocent and 1,357 unjust criminal cases were overturned after courts strengthened the review in case hearings, according to the report.

A latest high-profile case involved Chen Man, a man who was acquitted on Feb 1 after having being wrongfully jailed for 23 years in a homicide and arson case in South China's Hainan province.