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Customs unveiled largest drug smuggling case in 2015

By Huang Zhiling ( Updated: 2016-03-04 16:40

Beijing Customs announced Thursday that it had stopped two Tanzanian women from smuggling 155 capsules of heroin into China through their bodies making it the largest case of drug smuggling through human bodies in 2015.

The two Tanzanian women took the same plane which flew from Doha, Qatar to Beijing Capital International Airport on the afternoon of December 31, 2015.

Suspecting one Tanzanian woman passenger had drugs inside her body, a customs employee asked her to have an X-ray examination. She refused, saying she was pregnant.

They persisted and she complied. The X-ray examination showed that there were 75 capsules in her body. Police examined the capsules and found 956 grams of heroin.

Later, customs employees found another woman from the same plane attempting to smuggle 80 capsules of heroin weighing nearly 1,028 grams.

The first woman smuggler told police that somebody promised to pay her US$3,000 for swallowing the capsules and taking them to China.

She had received US$1,000 from the person who would pay the rest after she managed to take the capsules to Beijing.

According to the Beijing-based Legal Evening News, Beijing Customs cracked five drug smuggling cases in 2015, confiscating nearly 1,990 grams of cocaine and 2,347 grams of heroin.

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