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New frontier: Deliveries reach students in dorms

By Liu Mingtai in Changchun and He Na in Beijing (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-04 10:01

New frontier: Deliveries reach students in dorms

Wang Zuowen, founder of startup ZhaiWoWo.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Startup ZhaiWoWo offers free service to the residential door at Jilin university

Most city residents with mobile phones and Internet access need not bother leaving the house to take a delivery-food, clothing or even fresh vegetables or meat they booked online for dinner. Deliveries can come right to their door.

But such convenience is generally not available to most college students, even though they are heavy online shoppers.

Parcels ordered by students typically must be picked up at the school gate or at designated collection points on campus. It often happens that when a delivery arrives, the recipient is in class and unable to receive it immediately.

Without a system to receive parcels, the result can be lost goods.

It's a big headache for college students, who as a group are keen on online shopping. It's something they hope can be solved.

That's where Jilin University of Finance and Economics graduate Wang Zuowen, 23, comes in. Students at the university need only download an app, ZhaiWoWo, or sign in using WeChat, the mobile messaging app.

From here, they can track parcels and information about the delivery service, and staff members collect the parcels and send them to students' doors accurately, safely and promptly.

And, surprisingly, the service is free.

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