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Xi-Ma meeting turns historic page in cross-Strait relations: official

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-11-09 10:07

"No matter which party or organization, and no matter what they stood for in the past, as long as the 1992 Consensus and its core values are acknowledged, we stand ready to have contact," Xi said.

Xi's remark displayed an attitude of giving equal treatment to all the parties and organizations in Taiwan, according to the statement.

While Taiwan society is experiencing profound changes with endless political wrangles impacting the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations, the meeting has demonstrated the resolve of both sides to take the path of peaceful development and boosted the confidence of people across the Strait in that path, according to the statement.

The statement also noted that the mainland has sincere care and hope for the common people and the youth in Taiwan.

In the meeting, both sides agreed to take active measures to expand and deepen economic, cultural and social exchanges and cooperation across the Strait to boost affinity among compatriots.

Those consensuses will inject fresh vitality into efforts to advance cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation in various fields and promote cross-Strait talks and negotiations, said the statement.

Both sides emphasized that compatriots across the Taiwan Strait are members of the Chinese nation, and called on people across the Strait to cooperate and jointly work for the great revival of the Chinese nation.

"We believe this important consensus will promote unity and revival of the Chinese nation, encouraging more compatriots across the Strait to participate in the great cause of the revival of the Chinese nation," Zhang said in the statement.

The meeting also showed that Chinese people across the Strait have the abilities and wisdom to solve their own problems, the statement said.

In a world that is still plagued by regional confrontations and conflicts from time to time, the meeting of cross-strait leaders produced the best answer to how to address issues left over by history and how to address conflicts and disputes, according to the statement.

Though many problems remain unsolved across the Strait, there are no insurmountable hurdles so long as the two sides adopt dialogues and consultation on an equal footing under the one-China principle and with the overall interests of the Chinese nation in mind, it said.

The two sides can set "the best example" of resolving major problems in a peaceful manner as long as they stick to this peaceful path, it said.

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