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Governor touts Silk Road growth

By Du Juan in Xi'an (China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-24 08:00

Editor's note: Xi'an, where the ancient Silk Road originated, is shifting from a capital known for its history and culture to a multifaceted city seeking opportunities provided by China's Belt and Road Initiative. Shaanxi province, where Xi'an is located, is building more economic ties to the world, especially to central Asian countries. It will host the Euro-Asia Economic Forum from Thursday to Saturday. China Daily talked recently with Lou Qinjian, the governor of Shaanxi, to learn more about the province's strategy and goals.

Governor touts Silk Road growth

What do you think of Shaanxi's role as both the start of the ancient Silk Road and a key province in the Belt and Road Initiative?

Lou: The Belt and Road Initiative is an innovative creation that links the dreams for a better life among the people of the countries and regions along the new Silk Road. It will bring opportunities for peace and prosperity to the world.

Shaanxi province is taking this chance to start a new chapter of growth. At the beginning of the year, President Xi Jinping came to Shaanxi and commented on how the province has become an important front line in China's opening up to the West.

Shaanxi has established good relationships with countries and regions along the new Silk Road in terms of both commerce and culture.

Governor touts Silk Road growth


What foundations has Shaanxi built with countries and regions along the new Silk Road?

Lou: Shaanxi is the cradle of new technology, buoyed by its rich talent resources developed at dozens of well-known universities. We are making efforts to turn these technologies into products and industries instead of just exporting them.

Based on the Belt and Road Initiative, we will accelerate cooperation on education, technology and industries with countries along the new Silk Road.

First, we will build a China-Russia high-tech industrial zone and a technology innovation port in order to improve cooperation between the two sides.

Second, Shaanxi will strengthen its cooperation with central Asian countries in the energy exploration, petrochemical, biomedical and electronic information industries.

Third, China's only national-level agriculture high-tech industrial zone in Shaanxi's Yangling district will provide support to central Asian countries in areas such as operation in dry lands and related equipment development.

Lastly, our universities will form alliances with central Asian countries to increase communication.

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