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Endangered wildlife needs protection

( Updated: 2015-08-19 15:23

Endangered wildlife needs protection

A giant panda in the wild in the state-level Baishuijiang natural reserve in Northwest China's Gansu province on May 1, 2013.[Photo/Xinhua]

China will take action to protect wild animals in the face of wildlife habitat fragmentation, environmental pollution and poor management, expert said.

Giant panda habitats are undergoing interference although the number around China reached 1,864 in 2013, according to a survey by the State Forestry Administration in February.

"Major interference in giant panda habitats include 319 hydropower stations, 1,339 kilometers of roads, 268.7 kilometers of high voltage transmission line, 984 districts with more than 50 residents, 479 mines and 25 scenic spots", said Zhang Xiwu, director of the Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management Department in the State Forestry Administration.

Additionally, giant panda habitats are fragmented by mountains and interference.

Wildlife habitat fragmentation is the biggest threat to the wild animals. "87.7 percent of wild animals see their living spaces squeezed, communication splits and other human activity, according to the national wildlife resources survey", said Zhang.

Environmental pollution also has a huge damaging impact on biological diversity.

Human-led deforestation also exerts influences on the existence of wildlife. "Mining without regulations or plans makes much of the forest land vanish, threatening the plants and animals, which live on the land", said Zhang.

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