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Xiaomi CEO's awkward English remixed into hit song

By Chen Bei ( Updated: 2015-05-04 10:10

Xiaomi CEO's awkward English remixed into hit song

Screen shot from a video of Lei Jun's speech during the launch ceremony of smartphone Mi 4i in India last month .

A famous Chinese smartphone maker has cemented its position with its targeted young consumers, who love self-mockery and embrace no high-end but practical products, thanks to its founder and chief executive's awkward English.

Xiaomi Corp's Lei Jun, whom TIME magazine recently named as 100 Most Influential People along with Apple CEO Tim Cook, has blitzed China's social media with his "are you ok" promotional speech in India.

The two-minute speech in English has now been remixed to a hit song that has captured China's social media.

Watch the remixed rap song video below.

Xiaomi, frequently referred to as China's cheaper Apple, unveiled its first smartphone -Mi 4i- aimed at overseas consumers in India late last month.

Lei Jun, dressed in a formal dark suit, opened the global launch event with amiable "hello, how are you, Indian Mi fans" in a no-where English accent, which immediately bonded him with the chuckling audience.

Lei further brought the whole hall to a big belly laugh when he blurted out in mistake, "I'm very happy to be in China." He then immediately corrected his slip of the tongue with innocent laughter by saying, "to be in India".

The acknowledged "China's smartphone king" seemingly didn't feel embarrassed. With a sincere look on his face, he carried on with his tongue-tied English speech, telling the audience that he would give all of them a MiBand fitness tracker free of charge.

The audience was brought to a climax when Lei, in an apparent move to interact with his Mi fans, shouted, "Are you ok? Are you ok?"

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