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Man saved from suicide kills himself

( Updated: 2014-07-21 16:35

Man killed himself Saturday after jumping from the 11th floor of a hospital ward in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, reported Monday.

Yuan Wei, a hotel plumber and electrician, had earlier tried to commit suicide four days ago.

According to reports, Yuan, 45, took the extreme step after failing to buy a house and provide a comfortable life to his family.

Yuan, who is survived by his wife and two daughters, came to Zhengzhou from Xinyang city, Henan province, to work as a plumber and electrician in a hotel when he was in his 20s. Earning a salary of about 2,000 yuan ($320.2) per month, he was forced to live in a slum for more than 20 years.

Yuan's biggest dream was to buy a house for the family and give them a comfortable life, his wife told reporters.

However, a leg fracture caused by an accident 10 years ago dealt him a heavy blow. The high cost of living made him lose his patience and he became addicted to alcohol and gradually turned depressive.

Last Tuesday, Yuan tried to kill himself on the bank of Jinshui River, the oldest river in Zhengzhou, but was rescued by passers-by.

"Due to unbearable pressures on life and heavy debts, it's difficult for me to raise two daughters in this city," he had told reporters at the intensive care unit at the hospital.

His suicide attempt had stirred hot discussion on online forums. A user called called Meng commented that as a man, Yuan's suicide attempt was very irresponsible, while anther called teacher Lin encouraged him to think positively and requested him to go back to his hometown if he found living in the city hard.

Meanwhile, donations flooded in and Yuan seemed to have regained his confidence and positive outlook on life. Then against all expectations, he jumped from the hospital ward and killed himself.

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