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'Top 10 online rumors' exposed

Updated: 2013-09-06 14:23

BEIJING - The "Beijing Regional Platform for Jointly Refuting Rumors," an official monitor of false information published by people online, on Thursday issued a list of "Top 10 Online Rumors," to showcase a month-long government crackdown on such fabrication.

The mechanism, which went into operation on August 1, was formed jointly by major websites headed by, under the direction of the Chinese capital's municipal authorities responsible for Internet information.

The top 10 false "news stories" published by individuals online are as follows:

1. "Infant soup" made of babies' bodies has been available in Guangdong province.


During a secret investigation in Fushan and Taishan cities, where the cases were reported, a reporter asked local residents, taxi drivers and pharmacies about the alleged "infant soup" but nobody had heard of such a thing.

A restaurant manager also said he never heard of such "soup". The local police told the reporter they had not heard of such cases nor received any related reports from citizens. To clarify the rumor, they launched several large-scale investigations targeting local restaurants, but found nothing.

Local hospitals said that they have special staff to keep track of every infant body, preventing any intervention from doctors, so that it is impossible for any infant body to be accounted for. 

2. A bus was kidnapped in Bozhou, Anhui province, in August. 


The micro blogger who posted the news was found by police to be a college student passenger of the bus, who wanted to draw wide attention by fabricating the kidnapping news, as the blogger was cheated out of 280 yuan when he bought his ticket from scalpers. 

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