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Trending news across China on Aug 29 (Part 1)

Updated: 2013-08-29 09:37

President Xi Jinping’s group photo with workers, a cat-killing rat, and the hardest question by a young victim- it’s all trending in China.

Rainy photo

Trending news across China on Aug 29 (Part 1)

President Xi Jinping took photos with workers in the rain while visiting Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co. on Wednesday, China National Radio reported. The photo has gone viral online as netizens were touched by his low-profile and easy-access style.

Aim right, or be fined

Shenzhen will fine people 100 yuan if they urinate outside toilets bowls in public restrooms starting September, to prevent uncivil behaviors, Xinhua News Agency said. But how to judge whether such behavior is deliberate was a question from the public.

Hitchhiking crocodile

Trending news across China on Aug 29 (Part 1)

A driver in Shanghai picked up a 1.63-meter crocodile on a highway near the city on Wednesday, reported. The crocodile will be sent to the city’s zoo.

Hardest question

A blind boy in Shanxi province asking his parents, “Why is it so dark?” A criminal suspect gouged out the 6-year-old boy’s eyes on Saturday while he played outside, and so far the boy has no idea that he is blind.

Green textbooks

All textbooks for nine-year compulsory education in Beijing schools for the new semester are printed in a green way, Beijing News reported. Half of elementary and secondary school students nationwide used such “green printed” textbooks last year.

Rat kills cat

A rat killed three kittens in revenge at a local home in Changsha, Hunan province, reported. The resident surnamed Liu said he set 10 rat traps a few days ago, which may have made the rats angry.

I’m a girl, and I am muscular.

Trending news across China on Aug 29 (Part 1)

Photos of Julia Vins, a 17-year-old bodybuilder in Russia, became a hit online because of the strong contrast between her angelic face and robust body, reported. Chinese actress Ma Su on her Weibo said, “It would be better to be a female with men’s body among men than competing wisdom among females,” which was forwarded more than 15,000 times.


Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and CEO of Innovation Works, denied that he knew or collaborated with Qin Huohuo, who was arrested for spreading rumors on Sina Weibo.


Trending news across China on Aug 29 (Part 1)

A call by People’s Daily to stop spitting gum in public places and respect the work of cleaners dominates the Sina Weibo discussion. The message was reposted at least 136,000 times.

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