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College security guard hopes to study at Harvard

Updated: 2013-08-07 20:17
By Ou Hailin (

A college security guard who has just enrolled in a graduate school at a Shanghai university said he wants to further his studies at Harvard University.

Zhang Tuanzheng was admitted to a postgraduate program of the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics law school, according to the security department of Renmin University of China in Beijing.

Zhang decided to apply for a postgraduate program at the law school of Renmin University, one of the top universities in China, when he was studying at a college in Henan province in 2008.

To pursue his dream, Zhang had worked as a part-time security guard in Renming University during summer holidays since his sophomore year.

After he failed the graduate entrance examination in 2012, Zhang came to Beijing and worked as a full-time security guard at Renmin University.

In spite of his duties during the day, Zhang managed to study for more than eight hours in his spare time. He also attended lectures and forums about law held on campus.

Zhang scored 7 points less than the required marks for admission to Renmin University this year and was transferred to the Shanghai university.

When asked about his plan for the future, Zhang told Beijing Youth Daily that he will read more books and do some internships to pay for his living costs.

"I also want to continue my study in Harvard, and I'll work in that direction during my graduate years," Zhang said.

According to an official in charge of the security department in Renmin University, more than 60 securities guards have acquired degrees at junior colleges or universities. One of them has already earned a graduate degree. Zhang is the second member of the security department to attend graduate school.