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Slogan of time in Modern China

2013-08-07 17:09

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Slogans have emblazoned the walls and homes of China for generations – spreading the word to the masses from villages to towns across the nation. It is part of the country's national identity and creates a picture etched in time for generations. Walls may be repainted, but photographs can stand the test of time and memories shared forever in the new digital world.

Since acquiring his first camera at the beginning of the 1980s, photographer Ma Hongjie has always focused his lens on the slogans daubed on walls across China. Over the decades, various slogans have emerged and disappeared, reflecting the flowing change and fast development of China's society and government's policies. The photos have been casually taken by Ma over three decades and don't carry exact dates.

Slogan of time in Modern China

The white slogan reads "Who is the true hero? The answer can be seen on the road of striving for richness." It is meant to encouraging people to lift themselves from poverty. [Photo by Ma Hongjie provided to]

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