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3 executed for drug trafficking

Updated: 2013-06-27 05:06
( Xinhua)

HAIKOU - Three men were executed on Tuesday in south China's Hainan province for trafficking methamphetamine, ketamine and heroin, a local court said Wednesday.

Wang Yihuan was convicted of transporting and selling more than 7.9 kg of ketamine, according to the Intermediate People's Court of the provincial capital of Haikou.

Wu Songlin was found guilty of trafficking 1.15 kg of methamphetamine, while Hou Liangqin was convicted of selling more than 540 grams of heroin and 290 grams of methamphetamine.

In a separate case, six drug dealers were sentenced to death or life imprisonment on Tuesday in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, according to the municipal Intermediate People's Court.

The six dealers purchased drugs on November 26, 2011 in Nansan Township in the city of Lincang. Two of them, Yue Jintian and Yao Yubin, were arrested by police at a toll station the next day. Police found a pistol, eight bullets, an ammunition clip and 14 grams of methamphetamine in their SUV.

The other four dealers, namely Cheng Xinpei, Li Jinwu, Feng Huaide and Li Liming, ran away but were later caught by police. Police discovered 27.5 kg of methamphetamine in the trunk of the car they abandoned.

Yue Jintian and Cheng Xinpei were sentenced to death. Li Jinwu and Li Liming were given death penalty with reprieve, while Feng Huaide and Yao Yubin were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Drug trafficking is a felony in China.