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Comments on Xi's Guangdong inspection

(China Daily) Updated: 2012-12-14 10:50

Comments on Xi's Guangdong inspection"I think Xi's visit indicates his gratification at past accomplishments achieved by Guangdong as well as his expectation that there will be greater progress in the future. Rather than cherish the glorious past, Xi is more fond of looking toward the future."

Li Chengyan, a professor with the school of government at Peking University

Comments on Xi's Guangdong inspection

"Xi's recent speeches and acts express his, or the whole central leadership's, determination to resolve problems through more extensive reforms. We can expect that reforms will be intensified in not only the economy, but also politics and social matters."

Wu Hui, associate professor of party building at the country's top Party school

Comments on Xi's Guangdong inspection

"Looking at what the new leadership has already done, we are seeing that they are more open-minded and confident. They are fully aware of the difficulties and opportunities lying before them and the country, and they know their missions."

Ren Jianming, an anti-corruption and clean-governance expert in Beijing

Comments on Xi's Guangdong inspection

"The most urgent issues facing China are social problems, especially those relating to the general development of the nation. We need to maintain the development of our economy, and, more importantly, we should consider what are the best ways to improve the government's use of power and to pursue genuine social justice and equity."

Ding Li, professor at Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences


Xi's inspection in Guangdong


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