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The most unusual 2016 gaokao candidates

Every year's gaokao sees many unusual candidates who are not the typical high school seniors.So, who are this year's unusual candidates? Why are they taking the national exam?

'Trinity' system combines multiple metrics to find the best

A trinity system for freshmen recruitment, first adopted by the South University of Science and Technology of China, has attracted hundreds of senior high school students to independent tests across the country.

Should traffic be controlled for gaokao?

Although some are willing to cooperate "for the sake of the students' future", many have argued that such measures are overprotective and place an unnecessary burden on society.

Students paying $15,000 to consultants to select college

Many students in Beijing, along with their parents, are rushing to consultants for help on picking the university based on their gaokao results.

'After-gaokao economy' heats up

As more than nine million students finish taking the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, they now become the target of businessmen and the so-called "after-exam economy".

More educational resources needed for less developed regions

With the gap between the rich and the poor in the country growing ever wider, educational fairness is a highly sensitive issue.

High technology tightens gaokao anti-cheating measures

High-tech measures will be used for the first time in this year's gaokao.


Nearly 10,000 migrant students sit for gaokao in Guangdong

This year marks the first year migrant students, or those who have no hukou (or household registration) in Guangdong but have already attended three years of high school there, can sit for the gaokao in Guangdong.

PE gets bigger role in admissions

To improve Chinese students' overall fitness, the education authority called for greater emphasis on physical education in school admissions.

Recruiting model opens path for talent

Interviews, test scores, academic work identify well-rounded students

Make gaokao questions more meaningful

It is time gaokao examiners set more considerate questions, because on gaokao hangs the destinies of millions of youths.

Warning issued over drop in gaokao numbers

The fall in the number of students taking the gaokao will force some colleges and universities to find novel recruitment methods if they want to enroll enough students.

Fewer conditions for bonus points to be given at gaokao

Nearly 80 percent of regions have rolled out gaokao reforms and most have cut down the circumstances under which bonus points will be given.

China's higher education system leads in Asia: QS

China has the best national environments for higher education institutions in Asia, according to the latest rankings released by QS.


Robot aims for first-class Chinese universities in 2017

A Chinese robot aims to get enrolled in first-class universities in 2017, and then comparatively more difficult Peking or Tsinghua university in 2020.

Top schools give chances to rural poor

Students in remote or impoverished rural regions who are in their final grade in high school will no longer need to make the long journey to Shanghai for written tests and interviews to secure a place in prestigious Fudan University.

Gaokao cheaters face dire consequences

After passing through multiple checkpoints, including facial recognition, fingerprint verification and a metal detector, students will finally be granted access, not to a bank vault, but to a radio-shielded room where they will take the national college entrance exam.

Gaokao reveals unhealthy college contest

The competition between China's two premier universities mirrors the poor attitude of Chinese universities when it comes to cultivating talent.

Gaokao: Charting differences between rural, urban students

Fewer rural students are seeking advice of parents and teachers when it comes to choosing universities and more start working after getting a bachelor's degree, a recent report shows.

Top universities not be-all for students' futures

Students that go to non-elite universities can still find success through their own efforts.