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Deputy police chief probed over alleged cover-up of son

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-12-07 11:52

TAIYUAN - A deputy police chief in North China's Shanxi province has been suspended from his post and subjected to a discipline investigation, according to local police authorities.

Li Yali, who was the deputy police chief of Shanxi and police chief of Taiyuan, were removed from both his provincial and municipal posts, announced a plenary meeting of the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau on Thursday evening.

He was also removed from his post as the secretary of the Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The meeting did not give details of Li's offense.

A source with the municipal government said the decision came after the authorities saw a whistleblowing report on how Li used his power to cover up his drunk driving son.

A video showing Li's son Li Zhengyuan beating up a police officer has won high click rate on the Internet, after being put on China's leading websites including Weibo, Sohu and Youku on October 28.

The tape showed Li was then stopped by the standers-by and other police officers. A blood-alcohol test showed he was drunk driving.

However, instead of being caught, he walked home escorted by some police officers.

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