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Red elephants amaze visitors

( Updated: 2012-11-12 17:31

Red elephants amaze visitors

Visitors take photos of elephants' with 'red ears' at the wild valley in Sipsongpanna, Southwest China's Yunnan province on Nov 10, 2012. More than a dozen wild Asian elephants parching their thirst in the Sipsongpanna national nature reserve were photographed as they walked out from the jungle into wild elephant valley while foraging for food. Nicknamed after the red hue given off when the sun is reflected through their ears, the local government of Sipsongpanna has invested a great deal of money in constructing a safe haven for the large mammals in order to preserve their natural habitat.  Named 'The Alley', the nature reserve provides visitors a safe place to walk and watch the elephant without disturbing them as they seek food. [Photo/CFP]

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