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Porn star and peace advocate big in China

( Updated: 2012-10-12 16:23

Japanese porn actress Sola Aoi, also known as Sora Aoi, has garnered a surprising following in China and opened an interesting window to young Chinese people’s views on sex.

Porn star and peace advocate big in China

Sola Aoi arrives at the 2011 China Open in Beijing.

When Aoi first registered her Sina Weibo micro blog in Nov 2010 she attracted 224,144 followers in the first 24 hours.

And after posting messages calling for peace over the disputed Diaoyu Islands, Aoi now has more than 13 million followers on her micro blog.

But long before that her popularity and status as a sex symbol in China had created a buzz.

In April this year, Aoi was chased by numerous fans when attending an auto exhibition in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province.

As a nude model, she attended numerous celebrity parties rubbing shoulders with Chinese celebrities including famous singer Song Zuying, TV anchor Yang Lan and even the son of Mei Lanfang, the most famous Peking opera artist in modern history.

Aoi was also invited to perform in some Chinese short movies.

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