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Cadres, citizens uphold CPC's Bo decision

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-10-01 07:35

BEIJING - Cadres and citizens all over the country have expressed their resolute support for the decision to expel Bo Xilai from the Communist Party of China and public office and transfer his suspected law violations to judicial organs.

The decisions were made at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Friday, after attendees at the meeting deliberated over and adopted an investigation report on Bo's severe disciplinary violations, which had been submitted by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

There is conviction across China that the CPC Central Committee's handling of Bo's case reflected the CPC's clear stand and steadfast determination to fight corruption.

Cadres and citizens have vowed to concentrate on their work and wholeheartedly promote development, so as to prepare for the upcoming 18th CPC National Congress with perfect achievements.

The Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the CPC held an enlarged session on Friday. Attendees of the meeting agreed that Bo's violations had caused negative consequences to the Party and the country.

They said that the CPC Central Committee's handling of Bo's case further reflected the Party's fundamental requirement of policing itself strictly and the principle of rule of law, and fully showed the farsightedness of the CPC Central Committee as well as its superb ability to deal with complicated situations.

They expressed their resolute support to the central committee's decision and vowed to be in line with the CPC Central Committee in thought and in action.

They said they would take Bo's case as a negative example, adhere to Party discipline, implement the principle of democratic centralism, strictly implement the Party's organizational guidelines and policies, so as to always maintain the advanced nature and integrity of the Party.

Officials and the public held that the committee's handling of the affair is in accord with the aspirations and opinions of the people.

Yang Jianhua, national model worker with Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation, said Bo's case had a vile influence and seriously infringed on the Party and country's image. The CPC Central Committee's conduct demonstrated the Party's clear attitude to safeguard Party discipline and the country's law as well as people's fundamental interests.

Its handling of Bo's case is set to help cadres and Party members unite thoughts, keep clear-minded and take a steadfast stand on significant issues.

Huang Huiqiang, deputy secretary of the Xi'an city commission of discipline inspection in Shaanxi Province, said that the way in which Bo's case had been handled illustrated again that anyone would be investigated and punished if he or she violated the law and Party discipline, no matter how high his or her position is and how influential he or she is.

Qin Bin, postgraduate of the law school under China Youth University for Political Sciences, said that it was now clear that that there are no "special citizens" in China.

Cadres and citizens nationwide have vowed to take Bo's case as a lesson, work more vigorously and with a down-to-earth style and thus safeguard the stability of the overall social situation.

According to Cai Yulou, a cadre working for the Party affairs at Fengtai District in Beijing, the CPC Central Committee's decision on Bo's case will help form consensus in the Party and across society, enhancing confidence of the Chinese and building fine social circumstances for the convention of the 18th CPC National Congress.

Wang Guiping, spokesperson for the Supervision Bureau of Beijing Municipal Disciplinary Inspection Commission, said that the correct political direction should be steadfastly stuck to and the Party's advanced nature and integrity should be maintained.

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