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Google's exit is not exactly a windfall for Baidu  2010-04-02 09:54:27

In the week since Google began rerouting mainland traffic to its Hong Kong site, Google's Chinese users did not shift en masse to rival Baidu.

VW hopes Phaeton can lure China's rich  2010-04-01 11:15:32

Volkswagen AG is speeding up a facelift of the $88,000 Phaeton sedan in time to unveil the model at the Beijing auto show.

Geely could find Volvo a tough nut to crack  2010-03-31 11:33:22

The huge purchase could also be the privately owned automaker's fast track to financial ruin.

There's a lot in a name for Chinese companies  2010-03-30 10:23:04

In both Shanghai and Shenzhen, companies go to extraordinary lengths to choose names that will lure customers.

Li's big idea gets airborne  2010-03-29 10:16:17

He created a business that is committed to bringing value for corporate executives or leaders of institutions.

A happy problem for a newly independent young adult  2010-03-26 17:06:21

A happy problem for a newly independent young adult.

Converting chatter into cash  2010-03-26 10:53:11

In China's dynamic, high-tech industry, Grace Zhou is one of the few female executives to head up a domestic Internet firm. Yet her level of ambition is by no means less than her male counterparts.

Yuan revaluation talk heats up  2010-03-24 11:38:30

The debate on the valuation of the yuan has been escalating. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said at the end of the annual meeting of the top legislature on March 14 that the Chinese currency is not undervalued as the United States stepped up pressure for China to change its currency policy. What's behind the US push? How will China respond? And in what direction will the value of the yuan, or renminbi, move in the future?

Powerful reasons to invest in China  2010-03-23 11:12:08

In the 1980s, a crucial question for portfolio managers was what to do about Japan. Today, the parallel question is what to do about China.

Slicing up the wedding cake  2010-03-22 10:22:34

Yvonne Yu's dream wedding this month will set her back 200,000 yuan after she checked out the prices several top-rated hotels in Shanghai.

Gray-market iPad orders power up  2010-03-19 10:28:56

Lenders offer new stash for cash  2010-03-17 11:53:38

The growing business of growing old  2010-03-15 16:36:08

World Consumer Rights Day special  2010-03-13 15:50:00

Carmakers to vie for repeat customers  2010-03-11 10:40:59

Toyota feels the heat in China  2010-03-09 10:30:43

Playboys finally start to grow up  2010-03-01 11:27:15

Property remains at a premium  2010-02-10 09:10:08

Gold falls in bad year for marriage  2010-02-09 09:38:05

New free trade zone to benefit China  2010-02-08 10:04:54

Migrant workers suffer abroad  2010-02-02 07:48:28

Hainan property prices skyrocket  2010-01-29 07:51:59

$34m of quake aid misused, NAO says  2010-01-28 07:46:32

Investors bring home the bacon  2010-01-25 08:01:44

Growing costs  2010-01-22 07:44:48

Google threatens to pull out of China  2010-01-15 08:48:51

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Qing palace sale attracts State companies' interest

A courtyard house next to Beihai Park that was once part of a Qing dynasty palace is being advertised online for 420 million yuan and attracting the interest of State-owned enterprises.

China makes 90% of World Cup vuvuzelas

Football craze proves a tough nut to crack for HR managers

Warren Buffett lunch sells for $2.63m on eBay

Velo offers bargains on demand

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