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Finance review 2009  2010-01-12 14:49:07

The nation's booming housing sector, although deepening young people's fears of being priced out, has become a pillar of the country's unexpectedly quick economic recovery out of the global recession.

Corrupt officials write for freedom  2010-01-11 08:05:09

Behind bars and under convictions of corruption, officials are becoming authors.

Elders addicted to online world  2010-01-08 08:09:03

Compared with white-collar workers, elderly players have more time on their hands for online games.

Top 10 figures influencing the stock market  2010-01-13 10:43:19

China's massive stimulus package and fiscal policies have pushed the stock market up with the Shanghai Composite Index increasing from less than 2,000 to over 3,000. Here are the top 10 people that influenced the stock market in 2009.

Surfing for treasure  2010-01-06 08:06:13

A growing number of Internet users have discovered online shopping. The China Internet Network Information Center announced in December that more than 87 million Chinese made purchases on the Internet in the first half of 2009, which means one out of four Chinese netizens have online shopping experience.

Price pressure on the home front  2010-01-04 08:06:13

Ever-increasing cost of homes has been found to be the top cause of anxiety among Chinese white-collar workers.

One firm's pain is another's gain  2009-12-31 08:08:06

More and more Shanghai exporters have upped their export credit insurance to mitigate potential foreign risks related to the global financial crisis.

'Fastest in the world'  2009-12-28 07:42:53

The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, arguably the world's fastest train journey at a speed of 350 km/h, started operation on Saturday.

Top 10 'No 1's in 2009  2010-01-04 09:53:56

China has taken the lead in recovering from the global financial crisis, and offers huge market potential in many industries. Here are ten areas where China has scored - or is destined to make – number one in the year 2009, as selected by China Daily website editors. We have left infrastructure projects, which include many top 10 candidates, for a separate category.

Top 10 windfalls 2009  2009-12-28 08:43:48

Yesterday they led their lives as businessman, star, scholar or common people like you and me, but today their purses have ballooned so much that it made our jaws drop. The following ten stories are about the lucky fellows who became rich, or much richer, overnight. As you may find, besides good fortune, good judgment and talent are also crucial sometimes.

Top 10 toppled executives 2009  2009-12-24 09:11:23

Top 10 real estate debacles 2009  2009-12-21 06:00:23

Animation becomes big business  2009-12-21 07:47:02

Fueled by 'now or never' view  2009-12-16 07:43:01

Original pirate material  2009-12-11 08:03:06

High-priced healthcare  2009-12-07 07:50:19

School is in, recession kept out  2009-12-01 07:59:06

Market blamed for gas pains  2009-11-24 08:01:07

Business school fees skyrocket  2009-11-19 08:10:12

E-book market: Losing the plot  2009-11-17 07:51:30

Getting fit big business  2009-11-16 07:54:45

Blowing up a property bubble  2009-11-04 08:24:02

Damaged CCTV building to be rebuilt  2009-10-30 08:07:07

Mainland gold jewelry sales to dazzle  2009-10-29 08:19:38

Luxury flats in growing demand  2009-10-28 08:12:11

Wedding planners under fire  2009-10-27 08:43:21

Platinum jewelry demand is rising  2009-10-26 08:30:40

Bicycle rental plan falls flat  2009-10-23 08:47:44

RBS aggressive in hiring best bunch  2009-10-22 08:51:27

Advertisers cash in on marathon  2009-10-16 15:13:46

Mind the gap  2009-10-14 13:58:58

China's commercial real estate woes  2009-10-09 16:39:33

Biz Unusual

Qing palace sale attracts State companies' interest

A courtyard house next to Beihai Park that was once part of a Qing dynasty palace is being advertised online for 420 million yuan and attracting the interest of State-owned enterprises.

China makes 90% of World Cup vuvuzelas

Football craze proves a tough nut to crack for HR managers

Warren Buffett lunch sells for $2.63m on eBay

Velo offers bargains on demand

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