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China promotes home appliance subsidy program in rural areas  2009-02-02 15:53:48

The Chinese government is looking to tap domestic consumption, especially in unexploited rural markets.

Lenovo reboots again for 2010  2009-01-19 07:45:12

For employees and executives of Chinese computer maker Lenovo Group, the beginning of the new year didn't bring fortune to them as usual.

Motown more like a ghost town  2009-01-15 21:32:02

DETROIT: It was showtime again in the Motor City, but not as glaring, full-blown and bustling as before.

The 1997-98 crisis offers lessons to China  2009-01-12 07:56:34

History is repeating itself in many different ways, as the current economic downturn in China parallels the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis in many ways.

A mysterious message millionaire  2009-01-12 08:00:37

Pony Ma is a mystery to many. He seldom accepts interviews, but his name appears in the media almost daily.

China economic hubs face tough times amid crisis  2009-01-09 07:36:43

Guangdong and Shanghai, China's two economic hubs, have suffered setbacks due to the global financial crisis and forecast even worse prospects.

Online shoppers defy bear trend  2009-01-05 10:46:07

"It's convenient and fast to buy high-quality foreign products online."

Overseas Chinese eye motherland for jobs  2008-12-29 07:50:22

Some cities and firms in China are quick to exploit the opportunity to lure back native talent.

Chance encounter  2008-12-22 07:53:37

After 30 years of development, the private sector has become the main drive of Wenzhou's economy.

Fueling reform in the pipeline  2008-12-15 08:08:13

China's long awaited fuel tax reform means positive changes for the public and the environment.

Steering progress  2008-12-08 07:58:36

Telex to Internet  2008-11-24 10:58:11

Fresh spenders in China  2008-11-17 10:56:44

Service with a smile  2008-11-17 10:56:09

Fantastic fizz  2008-11-10 14:19:25

Ready-to-wear  2008-11-10 13:51:21

'Infernal' documents  2008-11-03 13:46:36

Taiwan business pioneer dies at 91  2008-10-17 14:01:25

Hiring from outside the company  2008-09-28 15:51:02

Play days  2008-10-06 15:04:48

McDonald's growing in China  2008-09-08 10:27:49

In with the new  2008-09-08 09:15:31

New homes, new hopes  2008-09-01 11:50:06

Taking giant strides  2008-08-22 11:19:49

Road to modernity  2008-09-01 10:06:37

Economy won't be hurt after Olympics  2008-08-18 08:29:55

Duck fighting  2008-08-11 17:59:06

Biz Unusual

Qing palace sale attracts State companies' interest

A courtyard house next to Beihai Park that was once part of a Qing dynasty palace is being advertised online for 420 million yuan and attracting the interest of State-owned enterprises.

China makes 90% of World Cup vuvuzelas

Football craze proves a tough nut to crack for HR managers

Warren Buffett lunch sells for $2.63m on eBay

Velo offers bargains on demand

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