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China to avoid post-Olympics slowdown  2008-08-07 16:26:09

"China is a big country. Beijing is small. Even if Beijing's investment in infrastructure drops sharply after the Games, it would not have a significant impact on the whole economy."

Time for price reform  2008-08-07 16:24:31

The recent fall of international oil prices has lent credence to optimism about China's expectations on eased inflationary pressure.

Shenzhen Zen  2008-08-04 14:36:37

If the grandeur that is New York - or Hong Kong - wasn't built in a day, how about within 50 years?

Setting a clean example  2008-08-04 10:39:33

How will Beijing Olympics benefit China? How will the Chinese see the coming sports event other than as a world athletic contest?

Jackpot!  2008-07-28 15:04:12

China's lottery market has lacked regulatoins. The government has relied solely on temporary administrative tools, which critics say has resulted in frauds and malpractices.

Govt should allow grain prices to rise by up to 20%, expert says  2008-07-26 10:12:10

Surging international grain prices and rising global inflation have placed the global spotlight on Chinese grain production, an industry that caters for 1.3 billion people.

Energy subsidies 'unsustainable'  2008-07-25 15:40:27

China has only raised the prices of gasoline and diesel by as much as 18 percent, in an effort to keep them artificially low.

Disasters and closures hurting job prospects  2008-07-24 11:06:31

As China's economic growth slowed to 10.4% in the first half, people have been increasingly concerned about the country's economic prospects.

China can afford a 'mild slowdown'  2008-07-22 15:01:29

As China's economic growth slowed to 10.4% in the first half this year, people have been increasingly concerned about the country's economic prospects.

Smart mart  2008-07-21 10:38:59

Chinese consumers commonly regard Carrefour's launch of its first China hypermarket in Beijing in 1995 as the debut of foreign retail chain firms in the nation.

Memories for sale  2008-07-21 14:03:01

Money changes with time  2008-07-14 16:27:01

Ambush marketing hurting sponsors  2008-07-10 18:24:18

Endless, ancient toil  2008-07-14 15:07:22

Hot money inflows  2008-07-07 14:11:21

The line forms ... where?  2008-07-07 15:00:32

Qianmen Street: Yesterday once more  2008-07-03 11:37:15

$2.1m for a buffet with Buffett  2008-06-30 09:22:25

Turning the page  2008-06-30 10:07:35

How to fight disasters in future  2008-06-26 11:18:34

People's roles key to rebuilding  2008-06-25 11:52:37

No business like show business  2008-06-23 13:47:41

Good times  2008-06-23 15:02:39

Challenges rise for luxury brands  2008-06-20 10:11:30

First Chinese tour group in US  2008-06-19 17:54:27

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Biz Unusual

Qing palace sale attracts State companies' interest

A courtyard house next to Beihai Park that was once part of a Qing dynasty palace is being advertised online for 420 million yuan and attracting the interest of State-owned enterprises.

China makes 90% of World Cup vuvuzelas

Football craze proves a tough nut to crack for HR managers

Warren Buffett lunch sells for $2.63m on eBay

Velo offers bargains on demand

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