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Xi's visit to boost partnership projects

[2016-06-16 03:41]

The visit to Serbia, Poland and Uzbekistan will lead to more projects involving production capacity cooperation, says Foreign Ministry.

Poland: History's crossroads recast as tourist hot spot

[2016-01-01 07:28]

Poland is somewhat new destination for Chinese tourists, compared with France, which gets about 2 million Chinese visitors a year.

Silk Road opens path to understanding

[2013-11-30 07:05]

"China was the starting point of the Silk Road, so how come you know less about the road than me?" asked Sobirov Shukhrat, a 19-year-old working at a hotel in Tashkent, after he discovered my insufficient knowledge of the hotel's historical decorations.

Trains linking China, Europe on the fast track

[2016-04-12 13:23]

Caravans of camels carrying silk, jewels and spices along the Silk Road are long gone, but cargo trains linking Chinese cities with Europe are taking the ancient road into a brand-new future.

The Belt and Road in action

[2016-05-29 14:45]

With a long whistle, a train left the station in Central China's Zhengzhou city to the applause of dozens of European leaders on May 20.

Xi's visit set to boost Belt, Road projects

[2016-06-14 02:49]

President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to Serbia, Poland and Uzbekistan is expected to enhance cooperation with the countries on the Belt and Road projects, experts said.

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